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Hakuhodo Consulting is a brand consulting firm and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hakuhodo that is the pioneering advertising agency in Japan.
Serving as the best marketing partner for each one of clients, Hakuhodo and the Hakuhodo DY Group stand as one of the world’s top advertising and marketing services groups.
As branding and marketing professionals, Hakuhodo Consulting actualizes business innovations and sustainable growth based on deep insights into both corporations and consumers.



Branding Growth - Leveraging the brand to realize business growth

In the fiercely competitive market, how are profits to be sustainably made and business growth to be realized?

The only method is to prevail over the “competition in the hearts and minds” of one’s customers and other *sei-katsu-sha. To that end, a brand vision that can be shared with sei-katsu-sha is needed to be portrayed, and breakthroughs must be actualized through real actions such as business models, human resources and organizations.
Furthermore, by showing new criteria in purchase decision and drawing a definite distinction from competitors, breakthroughs in a closed market environment are made possible.

As branding and marketing professionals, we commit to clients’ business innovation and sustained growth.

*Sei-katsu-sha are living breathing individuals with lifestyles, aspirations and dreams, and not abstract targets. Sei-katsu-sha insight is the foundation of the Hakuhodo Group’s work.


To those aiming to make inroads in the Japanese market

To those aiming to make inroads
into the Japanese market

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