ASEAN Marketing

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ASEAN Marketing

Supporting marketing strategy development and brand management in the ASEAN market, as a hub connecting the Japan corporate head office and local bases


The ASEAN market is not simply a market, but a cluster of countries with various economic levels, races, languages and cultures. In particular, there exist major differences by country in terms of the consumer behaviors of the rapidly growing middle class.

We support enhancing marketing power in the ASEAN market based on deep insights into consumers, unifying the client company head office, its ASEAN regional headquarters and each country’s base, in cooperation with Hakuhodo Consulting Asia Pacific in Singapore and Hakuhodo bases in each country equipped with knowledge regarding local consumers and markets, and local professional enterprises.


Hakuhodo Consulting Asia Pacific based in Singapore organizes specialist teams tailored to client’s marketing issues in the ASEAN market as a hub, in corporation with various professionals proven in consumer insight research and marketing activities in each ASEAN country.

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